Hello Dears


When you are from a small town like I am, Veganism isn’t something you often find yourself being confronted with. Growing up, I was always under the impression that eating animals was not directly contradictory to loving them. Vegans were just those dramatic, new age hippies vying for attention amongst thousands of others whose causes did not seem particularly urgent or important.

The onset of my Veganism began when one of my favorite YouTube celebrities discussed her vegan diet in response to questions about her diet and exercise routine. I immediately gained interest in the idea, hoping that if I were to alter my diet in the same way that I would be able to transform into a flawless female like her. It seemed like an easy and interesting approach to weight loss that I had not previously considered.

I began my transition to Veganism with no hesitation. I didn’t waste any time testing the waters with a vegetarian diet. I ventured boldly into a world with no meat or dairy products on the menu. At first it was challenging, as any life-style change can be expected to be. It was a daunting task to find yummy options, when I had been raised thinking that vegetables were merely a side dish to more mouthwatering delicacies. There were days that I fell off the wagon, but I didn’t give up.

As I became more consumed within the Vegan culture, I began to feel proud and also very sad. I was finally allowing myself to be exposed to all of the information regarding the meat and dairy industries and the facts about human consumption of these unnecessary food products. I saw innocence within the terrified eyes of the animals we slaughter and the futility of the practice. I read articles and studies pronouncing meat and dairy products as non-important and often harmful parts of our diet. I was also informed of the negative and overwhelming effects of these industries on our environment. The more I looked, the more I learned and the more passionate I became. I wanted to be a hero to those animals. I wanted to be a leader and an example to the rest of mankind. I wanted to help others to see these atrocities so that they could be brought to an end.

Soon, there was no more cheating. I followed my diet strictly and happily. I discovered foods and dishes that I could have never dreamed of, things that were much more satisfying and delicious than anything I had consumed before becoming Vegan. I had more energy, less illness, and a clearer head than ever before. After a few months, I no longer craved the fatty foods I used to drool over. I felt at peace with myself, the animals that I loved, and the earth. There isn’t a moment that I regret my choice. Veganism has changed my life in a more positive way than I ever could have imagined and far more than anything else I have done since or before.

My hope is that this website will inspire others to explore this life-style for themselves. I hope to raise awareness and help others to realize the suffering of these animals and the reality of how unsustainable these industries really are. I also want to give out helpful hints and tips to Vegans who are just starting out and even those who have been Vegan for years. I want to provide realistic options for those of you who, like me, live in areas where this is not something that is highly understood. There will be cheap, easy, and yummy recipe options to accommodate different income levels and varying degrees of cooking skills, quick reference and fact sheets to end the constant flow of idiotic questions Vegans often receive, and many other relevant and interesting articles and statistics about our cause. So welcome, and remember aminals are our friends.


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