Making Peace with Insects



In my opinion, one of the hardest aspects of becoming vegan is learning to love insects. Some people may not consider it necessary to love and protect insects, considering they are not a part of the animal kingdom. I, however, still count them, and believe that everyone else should as well. They are still conscious creatures that can feel pain, so why harm them? They have a necessary role to play in our world and are no threat to us in most cases.

For some reason, most humans find insects and arachnids to be quite creepy. They didn’t choose to appear that way though, and death is an unjust punishment for a less than desirable appearance. Besides, once you start paying more attention to them, they can almost seem cute. Watching their antennae searching out in front of them, seeing the way they analyze each little piece of their surroundings, wondering what in the world their perspective must be like. All of these things have helped me to make peace with the insects of this earth.

There are still some bugs that will still give me that fearful feeling, but I don’t let that bother me anymore. I remember that they are just a tiny little soul on a journey of their own. I remember that my irrational discomfort in regards to their presence does not justify ending a life. As a vegan, I want to help preserve and cherish all life. It would be hypocritical to exclude bugs from our love and protection. Vegans don’t eat honey for a reason. It is important to make an effort to end the irrational fear of them. It is such a wonderful thing to be able to view a bug as just another cute little sweetie.

So let’s all try to keep our hearts open to insects as well. ❤


8 thoughts on “Making Peace with Insects

  1. Oh, I could not agree more! I just got back last night from a month long road trip where we encountered so many unique and interesting little bugs and my daughter and I took our time to watch, be still, say hello. We watched bees, hard at work, everywhere we went. Discovered the most adorable hummingbird moths, they look so similar to hummingbirds, it’s amazing! We watched some pink grasshoppers who were pretty fearless and large. We even adopted a pet fly in our car who we named buddy and who gave little tickles every time he landed on us……
    In a crystal mine my daughter and I discovered a very tattered luna moth who we thought had expired, but once we realized she still had some life in her, we found her a safe place to spend her last moments and my daughter shared some kind words with her.
    Everything you said, you said much better than I could but it’s exactly how I feel, so thanks for sharing, nice to know we are not the only weirdos who think bugs are precious little ones worth our time and respect. XO


    1. I am glad you are teaching your daughter to be so kind hearted and loving. She is going to grow up to become a wonderful young woman that’s to you. ❤


  2. Brilliant!

    Last summer I was late to mow the lawn and I was ”banned” from proceeding unless my son and daughter walked in front of the mower driving the Mantids before it!
    Longest lawn mow in history!


      1. The mantids are only an issue/ at risk when the lawn is long

        One laid eggs under my daughter’s guitar foot stool one summer.
        It was amazing when they hatched. A bit like your photo
        Having no natural enemies in the bedroom the whole place was alive.

        I have begun photo cataloging as much of the fauna in my garden as I’m able.
        One becomes less squeamish after a while, but there are still one or two bugs that ”bug me”.
        If you look at some of my Leading you up the garden path posts you’ll see a whole bunch of spiders and what not.
        BTW, is the pic of the mantids you?

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