I have always been repulsed by most advertisements. They are almost insulting the way they pander to the most feeble minded individuals. I have come to realize that they do this because that is the majority of the population. How depressing that was to figure out. To make things worse, these advertisements are particularly insulting and infuriating to vegans. 

I am so fed up with fast food restaurants putting attractive, skinny little girls in their commercials. It makes my blood boil. Are men really that easy to fool? *Subliminal Message* Sexy women will want you if you eat this disgusting greasy poison food! Really? Not only do women not want a man who is overweight, unhealthy, and irresponsible (which is pretty likely if you are eating such horrid foods), those women are certainly not eating such junk! I think it is about time that this is put under the category of false advertising. 

Not only is this type of advertisement downright ridiculous, it is also very offensive to women and animal rights activists everywhere! There is nothing “sexy” about the torture, confinement, and murder of millions of animals. What makes it worse is that they are killing these animals only to create further harm to all that consume these products. The people that create, participate in, and enjoy these commercials disgust me. 

The latest Arby’s commercial is not much better. They may not degrade women, but they do strongly promote the idea that meat is “manly”. There is absolutely nothing tough or alluring about sentencing innocent, peaceful creatures to death for your own unhealthy pleasures. It is sickening. This only solidifies the idea in the minds of men that Veganism is for women and weaklings. And I am pretty damn tired of there being so many less men who would even consider Veganism for this idiotic reason. A real man would be kind to those that are weaker than him. A real man is secure enough in his own masculinity to know that what you eat doesn’t define you. A real man protects the innocent. He doesn’t exploit them. 

Sorry about the rant. Stay peaceful, my loves.



17 thoughts on “Advertisements

  1. Hey there! It’s your blog, don’t apologize for ranting!

    As a guy, this advertisement isn’t about thinking “this woman will like me if I eat that burger she’s holding.” It’s more of a play on biology to make sure I pay attention to the message they’re trying to convey. Studies have been done in the past showing that men attracted to women will give women they find sexually appealing more attention. That entire commercial is designed to keep men’s eyes and ears focused on the ad’s message.

    Fortunately, most sensible men will watch it once and not fall prey to the message they’re conveying. Although I’m not vegan (I have only begun considering it as a lifestyle choice recently, and would like to consider it more thoroughly before making such an important decision), I have no desire to go to this restaurant to buy food. Sadly, the men who will fall prey to this advertising most likely would also not appreciate the ethical reasons to not eat meat.

    I wouldn’t worry about this sort of advertising for too long. The company in question is trying to encourage over-indulgence period. If McDonald’s can lose lawsuits because of the ill health effects of its food, this company will follow shortly. In a way, then, this company doing what it is doing is actually helping put another nail in the coffin of unhealthy food. While that does not necessarily mean a victory for people who wish to treat animals ethically, it will prompt more debate and awareness of the subject.

    And that can be a victory. Thanks for sharing these thoughts! I am always happy to see perspectives on things I don’t automatically consider!

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    1. I see your point. I hadn’t thought of it in that way before. I appreciate your comment and I hope that you are right about the eventual downfall of unhealthy foods! (:


  2. Sometimes a rant is neccessary. I like the ending, I agree that a real man protects the innocent instead of taking advantage (this also works in every other aspect, e.g. cheap workers etc..) all this is very sickening and sad I think, that we live in a society where people are able to fly to the moon, yet cannot take proper care of each other and the planet thatwe actually live on 😦

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  3. I agree with you. I believe that people eat meat because there is domination in market through advertisements, celebrities, big companies cheap meat etc.


    1. It has become clear that meat is a detriment to our moral values, bodies, & environment. The only reason it remains in our stores is for corporate greed and forced blindness to the problem. Its quite sad.


      1. Yes it is sad. But now lot of people a awake and some people are turning from meatarians to flexitarians. Atleast they are doing something. Basically I am a food scientist and this is what my mission (in future through RAYFIFTY) is to produce meat analogues which can 100% substitute the actual meat. So that people won’t miss the actual meat.


      2. How about in vitro meat? If it can be made ethically (not right now unfortunately) it could be cruelty-free meat. I don’t know whether I would eat it, but I might try it if ethical considerations are out of question. As far as health goes, I doubt that very small amounts of meat have very negative health effects.
        PS: Good post. And sorry if this doesn’t end up under the 100% substitute comment from Rayfifty. I failed to find the reply button under that one! 🙂


      3. I suppose no animals are being harmed, then it is your choice. I however, am trying to eventually get to a point where I never feed my body harmful things, even just junk food. I also don’t miss meat at all, so I doubt I would partake even if it was ethical.


      4. Well I don’t miss it either, but if it’s cruelty-free, curiosity might overcome me. 🙂

        But it’s quite a way to go until something along these lines happens.


    1. I believe you may have left this comment on the wrong post. haha But it is just a vegan version of kielbasa by the Tofurky brand, similar to their vegan Italian sausage. You may be able to find it in the organic section of your local grocery store. (:


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