Veganism is Not Expensive or Limiting



Many people do not consider veganism an option because of their socio-economic standing or their desire for variety in their diets. Well, I have just returned home from doing my grocery shopping for the upcoming week, and just look at all of the wonderful treats I bought! In case you cannot see clearly enough in the picture I will list them for you:

  1. 2 cartons of blueberries
  2. 1 carton of strawberries
  3. Tofurky kielbasa
  4. Earth Balance vegan butter
  5. Popcorn with sea salt
  6. Grilled chik’n patties
  7. Apple crisps
  8. Frozen lima beans
  9. Fruit puree (which I mentioned in my post about vegan snacks)
  10. Croissants 
  11. Vegan riblets
  12. Granola cereal

Better yet, all of these items only cost me $23! Granted, I managed to find some incredible deals this week at my local grocery store, but if you are flexible with what you buy from week to week, it is always possible to save just as much money. I never spend more than $25 a week on groceries. So, there is no need to feel intimidated by veganism. You can do it! ^_^ Now if you will excuse me, I am going to go inhale some vegan noms.

Stay peaceful, my darlings. 


6 thoughts on “Veganism is Not Expensive or Limiting

  1. We like that Earth Balance spread, too. Not sure if you or readers have Trader Joe’s but they have a soy ice cream, chocolate cherry I think, that’s addictive, and good ‘fake’ chicken and fake meatballs. I really gotta cook more and make some of the great vegan recipes, that don’t rely on fake meat though! 🙂


  2. So, one of the great benefits of a vegan diet is getting away from lots of processed food, but in your list, you do have a lot of processed food items, particularly those that contain soy (although maybe you don’t have any issue with processed soy products, however you should consider that unless a product is green label organic, it’s HIGHLY likely that the soy you are consuming in your processed food is genetically modified soy.)

    One of the things we talked about on my blog (thank you again for your comments) is the idea of getting enough protein. I admitted that I have started eating egg whites again, and I should have also said I do my best to avoid processed foods, and I particularly try to avoid processed soy. In the case of eating Seitan (wheat gluten), it’s both processed and made with soy sauce so… it’s something I really limit.

    You may want to consider getting away from too many processed foods. I know it’s probably “cheaper” to buy them, but I love the rest of the fresh or fresh frozen stuff on your list.

    A good rule of thumb is – when there is only ONE ingredient in your food, you are on the right track! (A blueberry has only one ingredient, for example!)


    1. I would love to get processed foods out of my diet and eventually transition to a raw vegan diet, but as of right now I just can’t afford to get enough fresh fruits and vegetables to last me. ):


      1. I’m really sorry to hear that… but perhaps there are still modifications you can consider.

        For example, if you take the money you’d use to buy Tofurkey and instead purchase fresh frozen vegetables (which will be less expensive than completely fresh, and which will last longer in your freezer rather than go bad) you may be eating in a more healthy way.

        Although canned foods typically have higher salt content (although maybe not more salt than processed food!) you might also consider canned black beans, chick peas, and similar products. (You could make your own hummus very easily and inexpensively…)

        Finally, we talked earlier about grains. Dried lentils and beans are very inexpensive and abundantly available. They will provide you with nutrients, fiber and are filling too.

        I understand that fresh produce is more expensive than processed food. That is the very sad state of affairs in this country. I encourage you to keep working at substituting foods with “one ingredient” instead of processed foods when you can. It’s healthier for you. 🙂

        You may also want to take a look at my post: Is It Possible to Be an Unhealthy Vegan or Vegetarian?

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