A Career I Can Cherish: MFA


It almost felt like fate when a few weeks ago I stumbled upon a job opportunity at the non-profit animal rights organization Mercy for Animals. Anxiety was beginning to creep over me when I thought of my current position at a mental health organization. It isn’t that I don’t like my job, in fact I’ve grown to enjoy it much more than I thought I ever could. However, part of me acknowledged that this position could never be a long-term career. While I adore my clients and being able to be a critical component of helping the less-fortunate in my area, the job simply does not pay enough nor offer any opportunities for advancement. Given that my position is state-funded, I am not awarded a raise no matter how long I’ve worked with the organization nor how well I perform the responsibilities of the position. I also began to fear that under our new clown president’s budget proposal that cuts funding for Medicaid nearly in half, that my position may vanish all together considering most of our clients pay through Medicaid or Medicare.

I began researching different grad schools and investigating what types of opportunities I would have with a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in Creative Writing. Sifting through search results on Indeed.com for “writing MFA” I began to notice that, oddly enough, openings at Mercy for Animals (MFA), whom I’ve followed on social media for quite some time now began to appear.  Amused at the coincidental abbreviation, I skimmed the job descriptions. I had seen on Facebook that the organization was hiring, but given it’s location in Los Angeles, I hadn’t considered I’d be able to apply without uprooting my whole life and leaving everyone I know behind in Ohio and West Virginia. You cannot imagine how pleased I was to discover that two of the positions I was interested in and more than qualified for were remote!

I immediately sent them my resume and filled out their online application. After a few weeks of sickening anticipation, I received an email declining my application for the Media Production Coordinator and became very disheartened. I decided to sign up as a volunteer regardless and continued to check my email without much hope for my chances regarding the other position.

A few weeks later, my heart stopped as I opened my email to see I had been given the opportunity to interview for the Education Advertising Coordinator. Now the dream of becoming a professional activist for the animal rights movement is fully alive in my heart. Never had I even fathomed I could be so lucky as to have such a fulfilling and meaningful career. Nothing would make me happier than to work everyday on behalf of my fellow earthlings. Not to mention the pure joy of being able to work from home and not have to leave my glossy eyed fur-babies behind every morning.

I can’t stop running my interview over and over in my head. I know I could have done better and am full of fear that I left out important details, stumbled over my words too much, or made a bad impression. Each day that goes by I am swirling internally with excitement and anxiety hoping that I will be good enough to join the Mercy for Animals team and dedicate my life further to my furry and feathered friends. But regardless of what the future holds for me, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for simply making it this far and having my mind opened to a whole new career field that I’m sure is growing by the minute. Paid or not, I will continue to fight for my loved ones and champion their voices into our ever brightening future.


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