A Frightening Future

It seems blatantly obvious to me at this point that humanity and possibly all life on earth as we know it is coming swiftly to a close. I fully expect to see the end in my lifetime. There are just so many different ways that we are absolutely fucked.

It is so bizarre to me that I seem to be the only one anticipating the worst. Well, besides scientists. Even they probably believe that if people can just make some changes we can still get better. But when I look at the science and the projections of where we will be in just a few more decades if we continue at the rate we are now, it seems impossible that even a complete 180 by the entire world tomorrow wouldn’t be enough to change things fast enough.

I learned once in my college psychology classes that humans have a natural tendency to overestimate the likelihood of positive outcomes and underestimate the negative. This has possibly helped us move forward evolutionarily. However, it seems to be a hindrance in this situation. Everyone has seen the climate crisis coming for a long time now. Yet we rested on our laurels for far too long, assuming one day somehow it would magically be fixed. Well it hasn’t been fixed. And now we’re out of time.

I first began to feel this way after watching Cowspiracy and learning just how significant animal agriculture is when it comes to the decimation of our planet. I felt things could be changed if only the human race would transition to a vegan lifestyle. That would be a lengthy process though. It’s just moving too slowly.

Yet even other vegans underestimate the severe urgency and certain demise of this world. To be honest, I really hope that I’m wrong. As you can imagine, it’s very distressing to think this way. I have immense anxiety whenever I think about what the future holds for me. I’m terrified society will inevitably collapse and my loved ones and I will all suffer greatly. However, I have no one to talk to about these feelings and fears.

Everyone just tries to convince me it’ll be fine and I shouldn’t worry. I wish I could have a discussion about what I should do with someone who believes the same. Should I prepare? Should I just live my life as best I can and try to be happy in the meantime?

I’d love to talk to a therapist about this and hear their thoughts, but not if they are only going to think I’m a crazy conspiracy theorist who is overreacting. I’m truly at a loss about what to do. For now I just try not to think about it at all. It’s just too terrifying and overwhelming.

Does anyone else think this way? How do you cope with it if so? I’d love to find some people I am able to talk seriously about this dark future with.

2 thoughts on “A Frightening Future

  1. There are times when I have a very dim view of humanity as a whole. Media consumption has a way of blowing some of it out of proportion, and minimizing alarming trends. Regardless of the source of your fears, they exist, and you have to meet them where they are.

    Something that has helped me is to demand specifics of my fears. Climate change is alarming, but I can only control what I do. To that end, as long as I’m able to do everything I can when I can do it, it’s all anyone can expect. So, when I get a chance to reduce carbon emissions, I take it. I turn off lights that aren’t in use. I use more efficient electronic devices. I try to eat fewer things that leave a nasty carbon footprint.

    In the end, one can only physically change that which is within arm’s reach. It’s the curse of humanity to see farther than they can grasp. It’s the blessing of humanity to walk until it gets close enough to touch.

    Keep putting one foot in front of the other, and you might be surprised by the people who will follow.

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  2. Yes, anticipating the future is definitely a huge burden of being human. I’ll keep trying to be mindful and live in the present. That’s all I can do. (:


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