Because I Love Myself

One thing that has been helping me feel happy lately is doing a few small things throughout the day with the intention of showing myself love. I’ve been making my bed in the morning happily, imagining how satisfied I’ll feel when I come home from work to a nice, tidy room. When I see my bed in order, I remember that it is because I love myself. Another thing I’ve been doing is lighting candles in the evening to make the atmosphere of the room nicer.

These little acts themselves hold no true power to change my mindset, but they can have a tremendous benefit when done with strong intention. I speak it silently to myself as I perform the task. I love you, I say as I light some incense to give myself something pleasant to smell. I love you, I say as I wash the few dishes in my sink before going to bed. I love you, I say as I tidy up around the house on weekends.

I often have to re-frame my thoughts from I have to do this to I am choosing to do this because I love myself. It is amazing how much of a difference it makes. Of course some days are harder than others to truly feel that energy. But it is always worth a try.

Today I was feeling quite anxious before sitting down to start my yoga practice, which isn’t uncommon for me. After just a short practice, focusing on my breath, feeling the silky movements of my body, I felt ready to offer myself even more loving kindness. I decided to use some vanilla and patchouli room spray before beginning my meditation. With each inhale I was reminded of my own love for this breath, this body, this life.

I encourage everyone to try doing something little like this for yourself today. When you do it, remind yourself that it is done from the heart, with the strong desire to be kind to yourself, to make yourself more comfortable. It doesn’t matter what you choose, as long as you do it mindfully, and with love.


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