Everything Is As It Should Be

Everything is as it should be. This is a mantra that I like to use a lot in my meditation. It’s a helpful reminder to accept, to let go, to just be. Often we find ourselves suffering because of our own unwillingness to accept reality for what it is. We all have an idea of the way things should be, and when that doesn’t line up with the way things are it causes us great distress. Sometimes in the form of anger, sometimes anxiety, fear, sadness, etc.

For some reason it is a quite comforting thought to remember that everything is as it should be, even if it’s not what you wish it were. At the end of the day our individual ideas of the way life should look or feel are insignificant. All we can do is accept it for what it is. More than that we can be grateful that it is anything at all. And that, incredibly, we get to be a part of this interesting, beautiful, bizarre thing we call existence.

How strange it is to be anything at all.

The Neutral Milk Hotel

This too I often use as a mantra of sorts. I think it’s easy to forget how lucky we all are to even be here. Even if the world is a fucked up place, even if we have fucked up lives. We each have the option to accept it all as a gift we weren’t owed. And like a gift, no matter what it is, we should remember to say thank you, to be grateful.

I understand that sometimes when you are deeply suffering it can be hard to hear this kind of talk. I remember reacting to such sentiments with absolute disdain as a teenager. And there are still moments when this perspective can’t reach me. But there are other times when these thoughts strike me like the sudden sound of church bells, grabbing hold of me, jarring me from my mindless sleepwalking. I am able to feel the profound meaning and truth behind words that at other times may seem like simple clichés.

I hope that these words can find you in that responsive mood, if not today, then someday. Maybe they have in the past, but you just needed a reminder. I know I often do. So take a moment to breathe deeply, rediscover that childhood wonder, and bravely face the day before you with a grateful heart.

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