I’ve heard comedians and people makes jokes about how boring it is to listen to other people talk about their dreams. That has always surprised me and made me wonder if people really feel that way. Dreams have always been absolutely fascinating to me. I love hearing about other people’s dreams. It think it provides such an interesting peek into someone’s subconscious mind.

I’ve also always loved metaphors, and I think of dreams as complex metaphors themselves. I know neither science nor psychology has really been able to definitively tell us what dreams are, what they mean, or why we even have them to begin with, but I wholeheartedly believe that they matter. And in my experience whatever you believe matters does matter.

I sometimes am able to use my dreams to guide me toward important insights about myself. They can often lead me to different perspectives on certain situations that have been troubling me. I believe the common reoccurring characters in my dreams are important people in my life or perhaps represent something important to me. I’ve certainly always found mulling over these nightly self-told stories to be worthwhile.

I have been writing down my dreams every morning for around a year now. It can be really helpful in order to remember them more easily and notice patterns or themes within them. For instance, I noticed I dream a lot about my middle school boyfriend whom I only dated for probably three weeks and haven’t spoken to since we graduated. This continues to puzzle me, but I’m sure I’ll discover the reason eventually. I’ve even had prophetic dreams and been able to prove as much by showing where I had written down a similar event occurring in a dream a week before it happened in real life. I have no idea how that happens or what it could possibly mean, if anything.

For all of these reasons and many more I’m sure I’ve forgotten to mention, I adore dreams. I feel very connected to my personal dreamscape. Dreaming is like being able to live a whole other life every night. A life where anything is possible. Not to mention that time itself is distorted. In the span of only a few hours we can live an entire lifetime potentially.

Dreams are one of the reasons I decided to study psychology. I don’t understand how anyone is able to disregard them or say they are meaningless nonsense. If our brains are manifesting them, there must be a good reason. At least that’s what I think. So even if it’s true that other people are bored by even the thought of hearing about someone else’s dream, I’m going to keep talking about mine. Because if nothing else, they are at least amusing.

I may even begin posting my dreams on this blog or perhaps another I would create solely for the purpose of sharing them. I would love to have dream discussions and get feedback about what other people think they could mean. Not to mention I would love to read about everyone else’s dreams! Let me know if a dream blog is something you would be interested in or if you have any neat dreams to share with me.


One thought on “Dreamland

  1. writing your waking dreams down early as you wake is proven to enable the art of lucid dreaming to develop in which you are not only actor in your dreams but advisor to the director or story board screen writers camera personnel etc .. whereupon waking from such dream interpreting them can become easier even if risking interpretations which are ,up your own arse’ and therefore selflimited; yet providing good reason to risk a strangers opinion since your own characteristic interpretation is already well formed and stable to resist susceptibilities to seeking friends or strangers as nannies instead of advisors .. …. ..lucid dreaming can stabilise your character development and often naturally follows a period of life either stress free or full of series of successes

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