Use Your Yoga

“Use your yoga” is a phrase that I picked up from the studio where I completed my teacher training. These three simple words really help remind me to bring my practice with me off the mat and into my day to day life. It is a short mantra that we can all benefit from. But what does it mean?

“Using your yoga” means applying what we’ve learned in class to every situation we are faced with on or off the mat. For me, it is most helpful to remember this when I am faced with something difficult or unpleasant. Rather than focus on how “unfair” life is and how displeased I am with what is happening, I am reminded that while I can’t change the external circumstances, I can change how I look at them.

Instead of viewing something as an inconvenience or an annoyance, I can choose to view it as a challenge, an opportunity. I can be grateful for the universe providing me with this situation. It may be helping me have new insight into something about myself I need to work on. It may even be the perfect instance to practice cultivating that which I am lacking, whether it be patience, forgiveness, resilience, etc.

Rather than viewing difficult times as something that have torn you down, choose to view them as necessary obstacles that will ultimately build you up. That’s using your yoga! It usually isn’t easy, but it’s always worth a try.

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