Sit With It

Telling the difference
between fear and danger
is a difficult decision to make
the subtle instinct of the body
muddied water of the mind

There is an urgency
behind my thoughts
that push me with such force
pleading for immediate action
assuring stillness means death

The overwhelming power
of internal pressure
requires patience and tender attention
the feral fear of the inner self
takes time to trust and be subdued

The illusion that a solution
lies in the realm of thought
another distraction designed
to disconnect me further
from the body's wisdom

Avoiding my feelings is a full-time job
so easy to forget that stopping signals
soap bubble tensions to burst
a glistening rainbow release
right before my eyes

Anxiety is a suitor that loves the chase
ceasing to run is the only sure way to escape
his harmful, hounding advances
demonstrate your bravery by squeezing his hand
say, "I'm afraid, but I won't look away"

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