Just Say Yes

Summer weddings in West Virginia
a single cloud offers happy tears
as it passes above the rolling hillsides
before the ceremony begins

Blending in to a crowd of strangers
to celebrate a giddy spectacle of love
the ritual of vows and rings
sealed with a single kiss

Mingling with smiling faces
around tables spilling over with 
food, drinks, and delicate decor
dancing ensues as the sun goes down

Slipping away into the cool night
a secluded sunken structure
offers shelter in the dense forest
sharing a solitary flame

Infiltrating the mountain lodges
the elites like to frequent
people watching and pondering
this bizarre, beautiful life

The night ends with a live performance
a solitary girl with her acoustic guitar
sings a song that is dear to my heart
a wink and a nod of sacred synchronicity 

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