Inevitable Autumn

Somber encircling of faded colors
falling from above in the form of dry leaves
an unconscious reminder of another cycle
life spiraling forward, a brand new repetition

Autumn's soft signal to retreat from
the fierce individualism of youthful summer
a surrender to silence and the shelter
of warm spices and small community

Gathering together to patiently watch
the shadow of death reemerging beneath
the last crackling notes of earth's song
before another fearfully long sleep

A chance to go inward and uncover
the strength of stored memories
lovingly collected under the beaming sun
bright remnants of a world gone grey again

The opportunity to absorb the 
awesome power of love and gratitude
that binds us and tides us all over through the
harsh, bleak reality of all consuming winter

Crooked pumpkin smiles and introspection
scarves and tightly laced boots adorn our descent
from the brightly lit hillsides of vibrant summer
trusting in the reliable yearly ritual of the seasons

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