Some Days Are Doomed

Some days were made
to be forgotten
small inconveniences pile up
to immobilize you
and prevent any possibility
of redemption

Some days have to be discarded
as soon as they begin
Oversleeping, stubbing toes, and traffic
little nothings that tear you down
and leave you sulking
and irrevocably soured

Sipping caffeine and other stimulants
in a futile attempt to turn things around
there are some days that
not even fancy coffees can salvage
best to save your money
and simply struggle through instead

Irritation seems to spread like a virus
infecting every smiling face you see
to form storms of discontent and animosity
beneath suddenly furrowed brows
eyes that stare daggers
in every direction

Some days are best spent
waiting to fall back asleep
saving all your prayers
so that this day does not
seep out into the rest
of the week

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