Fill in the Blank

Don't allow yourself to believe
the dead space between us
is left empty or filled with
the benefit of the doubt

Anxiety and mental illness
are excellent at filling in the blanks
with haunting shadows and
viscous, hateful delusions

An "I love you" not uttered
is not assumed to be neutral
it is a shrieking echo of "I hate you"
that reverberates inside my head

A compliment offered only once
is not carried over into the future
it fizzles and is transfigured
into just another lie

Resentments are slowly added
to the waters of my soul
until an all-mighty tide of indignation
becomes a tsunami to tear you apart

An unseen pressure is surely building
like hot air inside a teapot
everyone always acts surprised
when the shrill whistle of anger erupts

Your silence speaks volumes
to a heart that needs constant reassurance
there is already too much bitterness
to make it better

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