What’s Left

There is still beauty that pushes through
the tiny cracks in hard concrete paths
the sun still hangs glorious behind 
the gentle clouds passing by unrushed
above the congested cacophony of highway

All this light pollution cannot obliterate
every star behind our protective veil of atmosphere
this tender blue sphere still swirls through space
defying the empty vacuum with precious life
despite a history of catastrophic cataclysms 

It's better to keep breathing for something small
than to be choked by the bitter absence of
all that I once believed to be possible
better to attempt to rise to the challenge
of finding small pockets of pleasure in pain

Sometimes I think my soul is crushed
and given back to the cool soil so that
I can be grounded once again in simplicity
and experience the soft energy of starting over
with fresh tiny tendrils of humble roots

Little Moments

I used to think the little things
were not enough to fill me up
fear seems so much larger and closer
than the morning sun
perched on treetops

but now I know how to see it
how to bundle up all those little moments
like so many love notes from the universe
and boil them down to make a balm
that heals and fortifies the restless soul

I know how to let the little moments in
I've seen them shrink those fears
lightening the load of a heavy, hurting heart
don't underestimate the power
of fresh cut grass and spring showers

the world offers refuge
for all those who seek it
transcribed into bird songs,
babbling brooks, and the rustling
of newly budded leaves

the irony of life
is overlooking what we need
straining our necks to see the big picture
without savoring the safety found
in stillness and simplicity

when the world gets too large
you can find me with the small things
wrapped in morning dewdrops
dissolving my self into intricate
mosaics of green

Small Moments in the Morning

Open eyes, another new day
the inky blackness
of a night not yet over
resisting each surrender
to the sun, just like me

The strained chorus of small voices
reminding me that I am needed
A sigh followed by a smile
signals the transition from a
warm cave of covers into the cold air

A fresh start, an empty vessel
eager to be filled again, but not just yet
The soft stillness of the mind in the morning
is something to be savored 
as we make the descent from dreams to daylight.

Make an effort to linger here
as long as you can
Allow your mind to rest
in the spaces in between
That's where I'll be.
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