Enjoy It

It's time to stop and rest
by the hushed rustling rhythm of
blades of grass alongside the stream

To let this soft cascade of breath
carry away all the sharp edges of this life
and tickle the small hairs on my bare neck

There will be plenty of time to worry and plan
but right now it is spring and I am in love
these are the moments I've prayed for

So hush this racing heart and mind
surrender to the sensation of warm water
slowly submerging supple limbs in thick bliss

There is no where else I have to be
this is it, stop holding your breath
pause beneath the open sky of affection

These tender moments can take away the pain
let yourself have this mindful medicine
that future you've been hurrying to is here 

It's okay to enjoy it

Feral Heart

This heart is a frightened feral thing
with fragile trembling tendrils of trust
that take time and tender care to unfurl
and retract at the smallest sign of turbulence

A heart that slams closed as soon as rain comes
the sudden jarring crash of a heavy wood frame
scattering shards of glass across wet floors
wild moments of instantaneous implosion

This heart, it hides and prefers hollow echoes
the slow, consistent ache that's familiar
recoiling from the violence of vulnerability
cowering from slight whiffs of rejection

This heart is a frightened feral thing
adept at hiding inside dark corners
a tedious, painful toil can earn its trust
I hope you'll decide it's worth the effort


A ribcage composed of crystal shards
reflects the light to that center channel
once dark core emblazoned by your gleam
ignited with amplified ricochets of sharp delight

A life redoubled through steady gazes
heartbeats magnified by mirrors unfolding
increasing staccato cadence of urgency
to create, to become something more

Small, furry fiddlehead ferns unravel
amidst the crunchy, cluttered forest floor
unnoticed awakening of a secret world
while I am kept in shivering paralysis

The magnetic pull of patient hope
slow meeting of raindrops, smooth pane of glass
streaming dizzily down together at last
delicious liquid drip of new life

My Innocent Friends

With animals it's so easy
I never have to say a word
they don't ask for explanations
for the parts of me that are broken

they don't hold me up to the image
of who I was yesterday, last week, last year
we are here together now, and I am loved
for whoever I have to be today

Their innocent, trusting, glossy eyes
tap the glass of my most tender places
they are the mirror of the best parts of me
gleaming emblems of unconditional positive regard

They are the guiding light to perfect peace
humble teachers of how to be grateful
reminders of the way life was supposed to be
with the simple joy of full-bodied presence

I stay far away from anyone who says
they don't like animals
god only knows what goes on beneath
the skin of someone like that

I Have Enough

It's all a distraction
these things I don't have
fly paper fixations that trap

I still have so much
enough to overflow my cup
I can break the illusion of lack

I know all this overthinking
only makes me suffer
it cannot solve these problems

Time to take a deep breath
and tell myself what I know to be true
I can be happy anyway

I have what I need to thrive and succeed
if I allow myself to let that look differently
I'm already right where I need to be

Grateful and kind and gentle and loving
nothing can stop me from spreading
these blessings that I am able to create

It’s Alright Now

Everything will be alright
everything that you are whispers
these ribbons of truth to secure me
suspended safely above fear

Everything will be alright
every soft exhale assures me
a hum of energy that emanates
through your piercing gaze

Everything will be alright
everything that I am believes you
when you quell my trembling
with one firm embrace

Everything will be alright
finally I have found my rest
this soft feather bed of emotion
the love that I feel for you


Amateur attempts to catch the sky in canvas
guide this hand that quivers and give it grace
a soul set to pivot around one primrose point
shake the frost from these lashes, let me rise

Calls of the killdeer, center cracking open
influx of warm energy that melts solid metal
safety secured between jagged teeth, dripping jaws
fine granules that spread, filling up my lungs with sugar

How can this gift of a crystal dawn ever be repaid?
submerged in the thick moisture of morning dew
all I can offer is every second of every day
and the insufficient sum of myself

Here With You

The fruit is ripe upon the vine
pulling downward toward the earth
heavy with sweet juice and soft flesh

It's time to taste the warm embrace
of mother nature in every mouthful
eternity contained within each moment

Hesitation has not yet found you
consumed by the blessing of here and now
savoring the feeling of heavenly fullness

Innocent acceptance of all that is
unbothered by the clock's steady cadence
the perfect gift of pulsating presence

The Sky Opens Up

My mind recycles the same phrases
spinning stories out of moth-eaten yarn
a tether that breaks if I try to retrace
the circular steps I keep taking

Milky brightness spills across
the infinite black expanse of night sky
and all is silent in my soul again tonight
beneath the patient peace of moonlight

Crispy yellow paper, the final page
tender touch to close the tattered cover
the burnt smell of a candle blown out
tomorrow it's time to choose a new book

Fear Never Ends

Everything ends
and I am so afraid
of the empty space
between love and loss

Everything ends
and it never gets easier
fear of change only grows
I hoped it'd shrink with age

Everything ends
and I never learned to cope
with the possibility of regret
with decisions you can't take back

Everything ends
and I'm paralyzed by thoughts
that nothing new and good
will find me again