The Rain Reminds Me

Waking to the sound of rain
a song of rest outside my window
sanctuary of subdued sunshine
a signal to soften and slow down

Dewey refuge from frantic movement
rejuvenation released from the sky
deflating this bloated baggage of worry
replaced with soothing streams of surrender

Tender tones of grey and blue
wrapping me in sacred stillness
permission to let go and listen
the soft drumbeat of water on leaves

Muffled birdsongs through the mist
relentless ethereal cadence of crickets
full bodied accompaniment to life's chorus
syncopated splashes contributed by clouds

Damp doves drying in tree branches
the whole world holding it's breath
absorbing this gift of liquid life relinquished
awe-inspiring cycle of earth's abundance

Savoring the simple gifts of nature
the last few decades of clean water
overcome with sheer gratitude for
deep exhales punctuated by raindrops

The Rain

Fear is a fire
that spreads and consumes
it catches quickly 
in the dry underbrush
of a parched heart

Worry is the wind
casting clouds of smoke
to cut off and obscure all exits
its insidious growth feels unstoppable
as it overwhelms me

Fear is an illusion
that comes from inside
it deceives and distracts
until we forget the truth
the recipe for salvation

Love is the rumble
of rain in the distance
the sky opening up
to silence the
roaring flames

Gratitude is the damp soil
that stops fear's expansion
the dark earth on the banks
of a river flowing with
waters of deep joy

Love is the antidote
to all that ails us
the soul's immune system
made strong by awe
and unending connection