The True Self

My multitudes are mercurial
the ever shifting sand of self
spills through tightly clenched fists
scattered by hot wind into oblivion

Not fully embodied by either
the single granular piece nor
the expansive vastness of the dunes
rather residing somewhere in between

The jarring duel perspective of being
the witness and the subject simultaneously
surreal surveillance of mind and body
fabricated force of strained separation

Taking action is a distraction
over-the-top over analyzing of reality
obscures the resounding hum of here and now
learning to let go and simply allow

Releasing the tension of assumed control
setting down the false shield of ego
to finally reveal the safety we've been seeking
was hiding behind the fear of full surrender

A New Perspective in Compassion


Hello, my darlings. Today I would like to share some of my thoughts about making peace with yourself and everyone else and allowing more compassion into your life. Not only do I want to help the human race to be more kind to animals, I’d like to help us be more kind to one another as well. This is often something I struggle with myself.

It is quite hard not to let yourself get angry with someone who seems to be behaving less than polite or even plain aggressive. Even something as innocent as driving under the speed limit is enough to make most of us irritated. I have tried for years to curb these angry impulses I feel towards others that I encounter throughout my day, but not even regular meditation seemed to help me much.

However, this summer one of my favorite artists, Conor Oberst from the band Bright Eyes, released a new album. A few of the lyrics in one of his new songs really struck a cord inside me. He says, “Maybe no one really seems to be the person that they mean to be.” This simply made my heart melt with compassion for all of my fellow humans. I had never thought of it that way before. Now when I see someone behaving in a way that angers or irritates me, I am calm. I reflect on the many times in the past when I might not have been at my best. I think of the many reasons they may have for their actions, from something as simple as having a bad day to something as encompassing as how they were raised.

No one wants to be a bad person. Everyone makes mistakes and can give the wrong impression. Just because you recognize something as rude or careless, doesn’t mean that person was trying to act that way. They just weren’t viewing the situation in the same way that you were. So now instead of becoming angry with that person, I feel nothing but compassion for them. I wonder who they are trying to be, and how it differs from who I perceive them to be. I offer them sincere feelings of peace, happiness, and love.

I would never blame a dog for being viscous or misbehaved. I would blame its owner for treating it badly. I have learned to apply that same principle to humans as well. What are we if not animals ourselves? Now instead of blaming the person and being angry, I blame their environment and experiences throughout live and feel compassion.

I hope that this can give some fresh perspective to others who read this. It is an extremely uplifting feeling to be in control of your anger. The energy you release into the universe does matter even if you think it to be insignificant. Let us all try to be more compassionate towards our fellow earthlings. We are all one. ❤ Stay peaceful, dears.