Vegan Resources

After ten years of vegan living in a small, rural community, I’ve managed to gather a lot of amazing resources. I’m hoping that this comprehensive list of the information that has helped me along my vegan journey can be useful to those of you who are interested in making the transition or just looking for some help along the way. Feel free to reach out to me if there are any resources you think I could add or if you have any questions.

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Documentaries & Reading Materials

  1. Cowspiracy – environmental devastation of animal agriculture industry (free to watch on Netflix)
  2. Seaspiracy – how overfishing is killing the oceans (free to watch on Netflix)
  3. Earthlings – exposing the standard industry practices of animal exploitation organizations (VERY graphic, but most important to watch)
  4. What the Health – physical implications of a non-vegan diet (free to watch through link or on Netflix)
  5. The Sexual Politics of Meat – critical theory of the link between patriarchy and meat eating
  6. The China Study – The most comprehensive nutritional studies every undertaken, website provides links to articles used for free as well as the free documentary version of the book on YouTube (available for purchase on Amazon)
  7. How Not to Die – even more about the health benefits of a vegan diet by Dr. Michael Greger MD


  1. Pinterest – My personal recipes board on Pinterest
  2. My master list – A previous post of mine with dozens of options for lunches and dinners that I eat every day


  1. Mic the Vegan – educational, research backed analysis
  2. Bite Size Vegan – educational, intensive research, detailed deep dives
  3. Cheap Lazy Vegan – more easy, low cost vegan meal ideas


  1. Nutrition Facts – Dr. Michael Greger’s website with health information, resources, and videos
  2. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine – medical articles, research, and resources from medical professionals
  3. Beyond Carnism – psychology of meat eating and mental barriers against veganism by therapist Melanie Joy who also has books and Ted Talks.

Support, Community, & Vegan Dating

  1. Vegan Outreach (Mentor) – free vegan mentor program
  2. Vegan Reddit Pages – One of the largest vegan communities online, plenty of alternative pages if the main one doesn’t suit you
  3. Vegan Discords – a list of vegan reddit servers, the open ones are a bit cluttered with trolls, others have you verified before gaining full access
  4. Veggly (Dating) – the dating app I met my boyfriend through, still a bit glitchy, but it has come a long way
  5. Vegpal (Friends/dating) – meet other vegans, in your area and around the world

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