My Temple

This body is not an ornament
or a toy to break and replace
it is the holy vessel that holds me
and tethers me to this world

A useful container that houses the soul
perfect and precious because it is uniquely mine
the one thing I fully own, my true home
the most important gift I could be given

How ungrateful I've been for
the mortal flesh that supports me
my personal window into reality
an unconscious effort that keeps me living

Belittling all that this body does
based only on shallow self judgement
centered around outward appearance
as if that even matters

The frightened animal form
my consciousness has been assigned
to protect and take care of
offering only criticism and neglect

May I be a better steward
to this living temporary temple
and learn to speak to it with gratitude
and soft caresses of loving kindness

3 thoughts on “My Temple

  1. Goodness me I love this!!! I had a writing that I haven’t released yet on this topic. And your creative mind explained this factual reality that I see in regards to our bodies being good enough, in a MUCH better way than I can.

    You’re so amazing! Don’t stop sharing your gift with us. And let’s continue to cherish and appreciate our wonderful bodies. ❤️

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    1. Sometimes my daily writing is more something I’d like to say to myself than to other people, but I’m glad you were also able to relate to it. ❤

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      1. Yes I totally relate to you there! I do the same thing partly with my writings as well. And yes me too! I love connecting and relating on that energetic level. Much love to you! ❤️

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